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LJC Building Services was started in 1989 on the principle of providing an all-embracing service that would deliver excellent quality and value with minimum involvement and stress for the client.

In the present day climate many clients are interested to know in more detail how the work is specified and costed and wish to have an input when choices are made. The timing of the work will often impact on the client and the project plan will also be discussed and disruption minimised from the outset. This level of planning results in there being no unfortunate surprises as work proceeds.

LJC has also modified its approach from providing all skills from within to involving specific professionals for the tasks for which they are most suited. LJC remain in overall charge and their reputation for first class work is unchanged.

  • How
    can I get what I really want?
  • How
    will the work be done?
  • Have
    others been satisfied?
We will help you make the choices that define your project. We will agree with you items such as bricks, tiles, windows and doors, floors, kitchen and bathroom details, electrical and plumbing fittings, and all finishes. We will work with you to make a detailed list of your requirements before work commences. We are able to offer advice on meeting Local Authority requirements and any architectural or structural design services that may be needed.
All work will be carried out by our own labour or by sub-contractors with whom we have worked successfully over a period of years. We will supervise every element and regular progress review meetings will be held which you and your agent can attend.

Of course we have to satisfy the Council Building Inspectors and the representatives of NHBC, but we are most concerned to satisfy our customers in everything that we do – here is what some have said about us:

"We'd recommend LJC as new build contractors without hesitation." J & VS
"We can't praise your company too highly." CW
"I would like to compliment you on your very efficient and wonderfully tidy work." PH
"Thanks to you and team for the excellent job you have made on the Church and hall." CS
"We were hugely impressed at everyone's friendliness and professionalism." S & JD

  • How much
    will it cost?
  • How long
    will it take?
We will be producing an itemised cost summary based on the information that you have provided for us. – LJC is completely open to meet the wishes of its clients and their agents.
Alongside the cost summary there will be a timetable showing each element of the work. This will allow you to be quite clear about when events are due to happen.
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